Monday, July 9, 2012

Honeymoon Sale Success

Thank you ALL who picked up some amazing deals on jewels during our Honeymoon Sale!  It was incredibly fun to receive orders from old friends, meet new friends, and see Sara Danielle being sent across the country.  Thank you for picking out jewelry for yourselves and to give as gifts - even if those gifts are for yourselves!

Now, onto an even more successful move to Oregon, wedding, 30th birthday celebration, and cross-country road trip honeymoon - maybe I'll be in your state and see you wearing your new jewelry!

Monday, June 11, 2012

HALF-OFF SALE! (and why we're doing it!)

Hello, beautifuls!

My Sara Danielle team is kicking off a very special event for a very special reason.  Starting today, Monday, 6/11, we will be putting mountains of beautiful jewelry on sale for HALF-OFF!  This sale will last until 11:59pm on Sunday, 6/30.

Wait, did she say half-offf?  Yes, half-off! Since there are only so many hours in the day, we will be adding more and more jewelry each day as we take more pictures and move things around on the website.  Please check back often throughout the sale - even feel free to place multiple orders.  Another added benefit is that each order receives FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING!

Why the unusual sale for Sara Danielle?

After a 6.5+ year courtship, I will be marrying my man, Alex, or, my "Rahver," in early August.  Hooray!  We will tie the knot officially on Sunday, 8/5/12 in my hometown of Portland, OR.  We can't wait!

Following our nuptials, we are taking an extended honeymoon that will allow us to really get the most out of our beloved Prius.  A 2-month honeymoon will allow us to start our roadtrip in Boston, go up north to Vermont and New Hampshire for the best White Mountains camping and hiking, followed by some Shenandoah trekking with our Washington, DC friends, and then bear country adventure in the Smoky Mountains.  We'll make "camp" for a few weeks with Alex's family in Miami, and I'll finally get all the way out to Key West, visit the Everglades, and see that bridge that was made famous from Arnold's True Lies! Being that my sister lives in the Big Easy, we'll lounge poolside at her New Orleans home, and find some good vegetarian po-boys to inhale!  Hey, at least I'll have already made my debut in my wedding dress and all of this hiking will enable me to eat to my heart's content on our trip.

As if that weren't enough American beauty for a lifetime, we'll continue on the beautiful land of Texas, where we will stay with friends and family who have great experience in living big.  We'll head up north to the lush Colorado, where more family will hopefully treat us to a meal or two ;-).  Seeing the Rockies and driving west through Colorado is on our must-see list, which leads us to Santa Fe and the Bandelier National Monument, the Grand Canyon, and up through the beauteous Utah National Parks - Zion, Moab, Arches, and of course the Grand Staircase!

If we haven't broken an ankle by then, we'll continue on to Cali, where we have plenty to keep us excited and awake on the road and falling asleep quickly in our tent - Sequoia National Park, Muir Woods, Yosemite, and of course, super scary Pacific Coast Highway!  We are very much looking forward to the fun with friends in the Bay Area, as well as stopping in to see the SF stores that carry my jewelry.

We'll finally hit Oregon and the first stop will be Crater Lake, which happens to be pictured on our license plate.  I'll get to see it for the first time as an adult - I'm sure it will look much different than 12-year old Sara remembers it!  And a few hours later, we'll roll into our new home of Portland, Oregon, and undoubtedly get some fabulous home cooking from my parents, who still live in the home where I grew up.

I'm tired just typing up all of these locations.  But, Alex and I couldn't be more energized to get out on the road and see our beautiful and diverse country's cities and wilderness. This trip is once in a lifetime, even if this means not working between July through the holidays!

Please take this opportunity leading up to my wedding and extended honeymoon to STOCK UP for yourself, the holidays, and gifts for loved ones... At the same time you shop, you'll be helping us pay off our wedding, fund our dream trip, relocate to our new cross-country home in Oregon, and purchase our home and my studio there. Oh, and did I mention that Alex will be going to school full-time in Oregon once we arrive?  Yeay for education and Alex pursuing his dreams of becoming an even better writer than he already is.  I hope I didn't make too many grammatical errors in this blog post, otherwise, I'll really hear about it from the master himself.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years, and the Sara Danielle team continues to be inspired by your generosity in gift-giving, love, support, and the things that YOU do to make YOUR every day life an adventure!

Now, it's sale time!  Remember to check back every day for new items :)

In joy ~


Sunday, May 27, 2012

She's Making Jewelry Now

That dining room table was where it all began...

Monday, May 21, 2012


To hear that Sara Danielle jewelry can bring tears and happiness into a couple's shared life is JUST the reason that we do this. It's not about the jewelry, it's about how you FEEL when you give it, share it, and create traditions and memories while wearing it. In the process of putting our new collection into the hands of stores now. This is a really exciting time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


After a successful trunk show at their North End location this past weekend, Exhale Mind Body Spa will now carry Sara Danielle Designs! If you love yoga, massages, spa treatments, and a calming space to better yourself inside and out, please visit Ahhhhhh.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

"Today I am reminded of all that is good in the world." -Kobi Yamada

Happy Mother's Day to the beautiful women who gave us life and give us their all!

Friday, April 27, 2012